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Artisan golf has it roots in the 19th century and was organised to give ordinary working men the chance to play golf affordably.

The first Artisan club was founded at the North Devon golf club in the late 19th century, under the auspices of the legendary J. H. Taylor, the 5-times Open Champion. He had once been a green keeper, and he promoted Artisan golf because he believed that: 

‘Everyone, regardless of financial standing, should have access to the game of golf’.

Artisan golf membership spread throughout England, Scotland and Ireland.

The Verulam Artisans were founded in 1934 when Dr Leslie Bates, urged the Verulam Golf Club committee to establish an Artisan section.  The rules and regulations for the Artisans were soon passed and VGC Captain Tommy Austin became the club’s first President.  Today, Artisan members have limited playing rights usually early mornings or late afternoon at a reduced membership fee and in exchange.  Artisans carry out work on the golf course, with duties such as divoting and general repairs and maintenance around the course.

Artisans play competitions among their own section separate from the main club and against other Artisans within the county and nationally. They have their own facilities separate to the main club house and have no voting rights within the main golf club.

At Verulam we have a thriving Artisan section of 36 members who enjoy playing friendly and competitive golf.

If you are interested in playing regular affordable golf  and would like to find out more about the Artisans please contact: 

Roger Harrington on 07794014327 or email

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