The course is open on a strict carry only basis.

Course information line 01727 864902 (updated 28 January at 13:00)

Golf Buggy Rental Form


Any person who accepts the privilege of operating a Ride-on buggy on Verulam Golf Club premises is deemed, by so doing, to have the knowledge, training and skill to safely operate the vehicle and shall be fully accountable for their actions and consequences thereof. The traditional layout of the course without many paths and the public vehicle road that must be crossed four times in playing the course make buggies unsuitable for use. If a trolley ban is in place due to weather conditions, buggies are strictly prohibited.


Name of User:




By signing below I acknowledge that:


  • I have read Verulam Golf Club Buggy Checklist for users of Ride-on Buggies


  • I understand the terms and conditions of Verulam Golf Club Golf Buggy Safety Policy


  • I have been given the opportunity to ask questions related to this Policy


  • I am aware of the areas where I am unable to take a ride-on buggy


  • I will ensure that the buggy will be maintained and operated in accordance with Verulam. Golf Club Golf Buggy Safety Policy


  • I possess and have produced a copy of certified evidence that I have a disability within the meaning of the Disability Discrimination Legislation which disables me from playing golf without the use of a ride-on buggy, if applicable.


  • I have lodged with the Manager a copy of my valid insurance policy to cover liability for risks to third parties.


  • I agree to indemnify Verulam Golf Club against all claims costs and demands made against Verulam Golf Club arising out of or in connection with the use of the golf buggy.


Signature of User…………………………………………Date………………




Signature of Manager…...............……………………….Date………………


 Users of golf buggies do so at their own risk. 
Verulam Golf club will not accept any liability for any loss or damage to the golf buggy or any other property arising from the negligence of the club or any of its servants or agents

Checklist for users of Ride-on Buggies

Know the controls and how to use them


  • Ignition switch and immobiliser key
  • Accelerator
  • Footbrake
  • Parking brake – Set the brake before leaving the ride-on buggy
  • Reversing Control


Know your driving conditions

 Ride-on buggies can only be used for the number of occupants it was designed to carry and by those authorised to do so

 Ride-on buggies must not be used on the areas of the course where prohibitive signs are placed.

 The vehicle must not be driven up and down the course when looking for golf balls

 The vehicle must not be used on tees, greens or slopes leading up to them

 The vehicle must not be used within 2 metres of or, on the slopes leading to any bunkers, ponds or ditches (except when crossing designated bridges)

 Always consider the terrain, existing vehicular and pedestrian traffic conditions, as well as environmental factors that may affect your ability to operate the vehicle safely


  • Drive the vehicle only as fast as the terrain and safety considerations allow
  • To avoid tipping over, drive buggies straight up and down slopes
  • Slow down before corners. 
  • All turns must be executed at reduced speeds
  • Avoid sudden stops or change of direction that may result in loss of control


Problems on the course

 Be extra careful when the course is wet and muddy

 Be extra careful when crossing the course at the 15th and 17th